Madball is a New York hardcore band formed in 1988. The project started after Agnostic Front frontman Roger Miret let his younger half-brother Freddy Cricien take the microphone and perform lead vocals during shows. Madball participated in the 1995 'N.Y.H.C.' documentary. Along with Agnostic Front, Vietnom, Bulldoze, Resistance, H2O and hip-hop group Special Teamz, they are part of New York's DMS Crew. They have released recordings on Roadrunner, Epitaph, Ferret, and Good Fight Music.

Current lineup:
Freddy "Madball" Cricien (vocals)
Jorge Guerra (bass)
Mike Gurnari (guitars)
Mike Justian (drums)


1994 - Set It Off
1996 - Demonstrating My Style
1998 - Look My Way
2000 - Hold It Down
2005 - Legacy
2007 - Infiltrate the System
2010 - Empire
2014 - Hardcore Lives
2018 - For the Cause

1989 - Ball of Destruction
1992 - Droppin' Many Suckers
2004 - N.Y.H.C. EP
2012 - Rebellion

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