Impure Wilhelmina

Formed in Geneva in 1996, Impure Wilhelmina released a 7”, an MCD, Undressing your soul (1998), and a first self-produced album, Afraid (1999). On this album, the band plays a very sludgy and monolithic music, but with a very personal melodic touch.

After a first tour in France with Ordeal (Lausanne), Impure Wilhelmina released a split-CD with them, on Division Records.
In 2002, after almost one year of composition, the second full-lentgh of Impure Wilhelmina, I can’t believe I was born in july was released in co-production by Waiting for an Angel and Space Patrol Records (France). Heavy, melodic, intense, desperate, angry…and more…everything was said about this record.

The band toured in France with Weeping mind of Silence (june 2003) and then Overmars (January 2004), in front of an increasing and enthusiastic audience.

The record of their third album, L’amour, la mort, l’enfance perdue, took place in november 2004, and was released in april 2005 through Space Patrol Records. This record is a 69 minutes trip into a large panel of emotions : violent and vicious beauty, heavy walls of riffs and subtle songs structures. A video clip of the song “Before a dream” was shot during summer 2005.

After a line-up change, impure Wilhelmina hit the road with their friends Knut, and are actually touring and working on new songs.

michael (voice - guitar) – mathias (bass) - christian (guitar) - mario (drums)

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