1. Thorn is a heavy metal/thrash band from Texas who released one demo, Midnight Terror in 1987.
2. Thorn is a german progressive death metal band that released an EP called 'Apogee'. Later they changed the band's name to Distream.
3. Thorn is a Polish NS black metal band.
4. Thorn is a japanese hardcore-punk band.
5. ThOrN is a gothic band from Pembroke, Ontario, Canada.
6. Thorn is an electronic music producer and DJ in Melbourne, Australia.
7. Thorn is a sludge metal band from New Brunswick, NJ
8. Thorn is a gothic rock band from Greece.
9. 8. Thorn is a experimental grind band from Tampa, FL.

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Patrick - Guitar
Mischael - Guitar
Ronnie - Vocals
Joshua - Bass
Julian - Keys
Luca - Drums


Gründungsjahr: 2015

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